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Today I was surprised and thrilled to find out that Vi was getting another skin, this time a Debonair skin to match Jayce’s and Ezreal’s (which will be released alongside hers). As excited as I was, I was a bit disappointed with the style choice that I saw on her model (x/x/x).

Being someone who has been playing Vi since she’s been released (which is the same time I joined League, meaning that this lady means a lot to me) and has been in love with her story and the characters she interacts with, etc. for over a year now, I know very much about her ‘punk’, ‘rebel’ image that translates into her outfits and behaviour/personality. Unfortunately, the way it was implemented in the still-developing Debonair skin didn’t feel quite right. The design isn’t really that bad, but the colours really did set me off.

Which is why I decided to create my own concept.

The attire I chose for Vi is simple; a white, women’s suit paired with black, pointed-toe heels and a nice little bow tie (and rose, but that’s behind the gauntlet and was in the original design anyway). I also changed her hair style, moving that loose strand so that it doesn’t obstruct her ‘VI’ tattoo, as well as slicking it back without it looking too chunky, the sides being shaved instead as per her regular/original design.

There are two hair styles shown: short and slicked back one (left) and slicked back with a pony tail (right). The three versions displayed consist of the original concept I had, one with a purple bow tie instead of a blue one, and the last one being the design with black trim.

Personally, I feel that this outfit is classy, as the Debonair skins should be (Jayce looks quite dapper in his, so why not have Vi be dapper in hers?) yet doesn’t take away from Vi’s ‘bad ass’ image. After all, there are many fancy looking heroes and heroines that remain classy looking while kicking serious ass.

[ Vi belongs to Riot Games | Outfit Concept belongs to Azulity ]


I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)


The Lady Manes self-portrait series. ©Rhiannon Schneiderman Photography.



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The Evolution of Walter White by Edson Muzada